LadyJ Celebrates New Album at T-MODE 2015


Always featuring local talent, LadyJ participated in our first Mixtape event at T-MODE 2013. Now she’s joining our lineup as a music guest. Her music is inspired by gaming, anime, and the otaku culture. She’s performing LIVE at our Nerdcore concert Friday night, and we’re holding a release party before the concert to celebrate the debut of her new album!…

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T-MODE 2015 New Year Sale!

T-MODE 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Since the website was temporarily down for maintenance last month, we’ve decided to extend 2014 rates until Sunday, January 11. You can still get 3-Day Memberships for only $50 and Otaku Bazaar booth spaces for $150! Rates go up Monday, January 12. Don’t wait!

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Paint the Sky,Blew at T-MODE 2015!


Nerdcore rapper SkyBlew paints anime and video game references into his repertoire of infectious beats and substantive lyrics. He’s rapidly becoming the Hip Hop voice for a new generation with a sound you’ve never heard before. Not one to put himself into a box, he strays away from labeling his style. He simply titles it – Painting The Sky,Blew! See…

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Dave Tauler Brings KPOP to T-MODE 2015!

Dave Tauler

Dave Tauler will perform KPOP covers LIVE at T-MODE 2015! Always looking to offer our fans a unique convention experience, we’re bringing you a touch of KPOP! Dave is founder of the Dave Tauler Music Group. He’s a very talented musician who plays 28 instruments and can speak Korean, Spanish and English. Dave is also a Washington, DC native. We…

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Mika Kobayashi to Perform at T-MODE 2015!

Mika Kobayashi

I am honored and beyond thrilled to announce Mika Kobayashi will be performing at T-MODE 2015! Mika Kobayashi is an exceptional pianist and vocalist. She has collaborated with famed composer Hiroyuki Sawano on songs from popular anime, such as “Bauklötze” from Attack on Titan, “Before My Body is Dry” (Don’t Lose Your Way) from Kill la Kill, “BIOS” from Guilty…

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T-MODE 2015 Guest: Lisle Wilkerson

Lisle Wilkerson

Welcome Lisle Wilkerson to TMODE 2015! Lisle is a 5’10 Japanese speaking blond and the powerhouse voice behind some of the gaming industry’s most popular female fighting characters. Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro and Zafina from Tekken; Sarah Bryant from VirtuaFighter; Joy and Xiuying Hong from Shenmue II, just to name a few. Lisle also appears in the Academy Award winning…

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