T-MODE 2015 :: April 3-5, 2015 :: Hilton Rockville :: Rockville, MD

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We’ve combined the traditional Artist Alley and Dealers Room into one spectacular shopping event: the Otaku Bazaar! The Otaku Bazaar provides affordable options for all types of anime and gaming Merchants to sell their manufactured and hand-made goods to T-MODE attendees.

T-MODE doesn’t have separate “Artist Alley” or “Dealer Room” areas. Instead, we mix everyone together, artists and vendors alike, into our Otaku Bazaar space. We refer to everyone as Merchants and only make a separation between if you want table space in the open hall area, or booth space in a lockable room.

UPDATE! The Otaku Bazaar for T-MODE 2013 is currently SOLD OUT. Interested merchants can continue to submit the Otaku Bazaar form to be put on a waiting list.

Merchant Rates

Otaku Bazaar space at T-MODE 2013 is being offered at the following rates. A mix of hallway table space and larger booth areas are available. Rates for both tables and booths increase by $30 each after February 28, 2013, so reserve your space early for the best rate!

    Otaku Bazaar Table: $50

    Table spaces include one 6′ x 30″ table with two chairs in the open hallway area. Rate increases to $80 after February 28.

    Otaku Bazaar Booth: $110

    Booth spaces are 8′ x 8′ with one 6′ x 30″ table and two chairs in a lockable room. Rate increases to $140 after February 28.

These rates DO NOT include admission, and every Merchant representative working at T-MODE must have a membership badge to attend and enter the Otaku Bazaar. Please review the available membership options for details.

Merchants may configure their spaces as they wish as long as it does not violate the spaces of other Merchants, fire codes and hotel policies. Electricity is available at no additional cost, but Merchants are responsible for providing their own extension cords. Heavy duty extension cords of fifty (50) feet or more are recommended. Merchants may not resell spaces.

Please note that the location, dimensions and arrangement of table and booth spaces in the Otaku Bazaar are subject to change. T-MODE reserves the right to make adjustments to the Otaku Bazaar area at any time, including during the convention.

Allowed Merchandise

In general, T-MODE permits Merchants to sell whatever they want at T-MODE as long as:

  1. it’s legal, and
  2. it’s anime and/or gaming related.

Items you’ll typically find for sale in the Otaku Bazaar include, but are not limited to:

  • Accessories – bags, jewelry, key chains
  • Art – licensed JDM prints, fan art, original works
  • Apparel – clothing, hats, kimonos, t-shirts
  • Books – manga, doujinshi, art books, magazines
  • CDs – music, software, domestic, import
  • Collectibles – cels, figurines, models
  • Costumes – clothing, ears, props, wigs
  • Décor – furniture, posters, wall scrolls
  • DVDs – anime, live-action, domestic, import
  • Games – cards, video games, systems
  • Snacks – Japanese candy, pocky, ramune
  • Toys – plush figures, action figures
  • Weapons – airsoft, knives, swords

Regarding Fan Art

T-MODE encourages the creation of original works and supporting emerging talent in their respective fields. However, T-MODE recognizes that fan art is a form of creative expression and it will generally be allowed in the Otaku Bazaar. Merchants bear all responsibility and risk for the creation of fan art if they are not the legitimate copyright holder.

Regarding Adult Material

Adult material may only be sold to individuals who are age 18 or older, and the Merchant must verify the appropriate age by checking ID. Adult material must be presented in a discreet manner and separated from all non-adult material. Merchants will be warned once by T-MODE staff if the staff disapproves of how mature artwork is displayed. If a Merchant fails to comply with the warning, the Merchant will be removed from the Otaku Bazaar without refund.

Reserve Your Space

Applying for Otaku Bazaar space couldn’t be easier! Just submit the Merchant Application Form to be considered. T-MODE’s Otaku Bazaar staff will contact you shortly after reviewing your application. All qualified Merchants will then be placed into a pool for final selection into the Otaku Bazaar. We welcome newcomers and professionals alike.

There is a limit of either one (1) table per Merchant, or a maximum of two (2) booth spaces. Because space in the Otaku Bazaar is limited, T-MODE must select Merchants to allow for a greater diversity of merchandise and less direct competition with other Merchants. We also want to give everyone a fair chance of getting a table or booth in the Otaku Bazaar.

Payment for Otaku Bazaar Space

Once your reservation in the Otaku Bazaar has been approved, you will receive an email with a link to the Bazaar order page. Payments are processed via PayPal, and the following payment methods are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, electronic check, and PayPal.

Your Otaku Bazaar space is not confirmed until your payment is received, and your reserved space may be released to other Merchants if not paid in full within seven (7) days of your approved reservation.

Cancelling Otaku Bazaar Reservations

Only the person who originally purchased the table or booth space can request a cancellation. To cancel your space, please contact the Bazaar Sultan. Cancellations received after March 18, 2013 will not be refunded.

Hours of Operation

The T-MODE Otaku Bazaar will operate on the following schedule. Hallway tables do not have a set schedule and are accessible around the clock during the convention.

  Otaku Bazaar Schedule
Thursday† 8pm – 10pm      
Friday 9am – 2:30pm 2:30pm – 3pm 3pm – 8pm  
Saturday 9am – 9:30am 9:30am – 10am 10am – 6pm  
Sunday 9am – 9:30am 9:30am – 10am 10am – 3pm 3pm – 5pm

† Pertains only to booth hours in the lockable Otaku Bazaar room.

T-MODE reserves the right to change the hours of operation at any time, including during the convention. All Otaku Bazaar spaces left unclaimed by 10 AM Saturday morning will be reclaimed by T-MODE. Forfeited spaces do not qualify for a refund. If you plan to arrive at a later time, please let us know. Breakdown of spaces must be completed by 5 PM Sunday evening. Merchants are responsible for the cleaning of their respective areas and agree to remove all trash and belongings at the conclusion of the event. Any and all items left behind, including merchandise, will be discarded or will become the property of T-MODE.


T-MODE’s location within the state of Maryland requires an applicable state of sales tax to be charged to merchandise sold in the Otaku Bazaar that’s separate from the amount of sale. The current sales tax rate is 6%. Merchants are required to receive a state Tax ID from the Comptroller of the Treasury either before or after the convention, and submit the collected sales tax. T-MODE will provide a list of all registered Merchants to the Maryland Comptroller’s office prior to the start date of the convention. All Merchants are responsible for obtaining any licenses or permits required by local, state, and federal law. If you have any questions about Maryland State Sales Tax, contact the Maryland State Comptroller’s Office at (410) 767-1544.