Fire Lily

Fire Lily began cosplaying in 2004, and immediately immersed herself in the world of costuming. She loves making costumes, as well as her own clothing, and is always coming up with more detailed and extravagant costuming ideas. Always searching for new techniques or new things to learn, Fire Lily believes that cosplay is a true form of art and encourages others to always improve their craftsmanship by sharing her knowledge with cosplayers through online tutorials and interviews. She also enjoys participating in the community by being a panelist, cosplay judge, event participant, or staffing at conventions such as Anime Mid-Atlantic and Katsucon.

Winning numerous 1st Place, Best in Show and Best Overall awards for her creations, Fire Lily tries very hard to remain true to the spirit of each character she cosplays and to recreate them as accurately as she can. When not creating costumes, Fire Lily works full time with animals, enjoys reading, plays video games and watches awesomely bad movies with friends, and even has time to maintain her own website and several costuming pages. She is very excited to be a part of T-MODE, so be sure to say hi when you see her!

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