T-MODE Theater

The T-MODE Theater recreates a fun and authentic moviegoing experience. Sit back in comfortable seats in a darkened theater, then immerse yourself in anime and video game screenings surrounded by other fans. Complete the experience with a tasty bag of popcorn from our concession stand.

Our video room also offers special program blocks within the regular screening schedule, so there will always be something interesting to watch.

Fan Films

A celebration of parody and total fannish video insanity. This block presents some of the best fan produced anime and video game adaptations; all created by dedicated independent filmmakers.

Guest Screenings

In this block, listen to live commentary from our guests while they join you to watch anime and other films.

MMM (18+)

The dark side of T-MODE Theater. Watch some of the most violent and adults only stuff during T-MODE’s Mature Midnight Madness block (rated triple MMM for mature). This is most definitely not for kids, or safe to talk about at work or school on Monday morning.


A block showcasing new titles and films that have yet to be released to the general public, or that haven’t screened in the Washington, DC metro area.

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