Confirmed Panels

Here are the panels and workshops that will be presented at T-MODE 2013.

40 Years of Console Gaming

Presenters: Eric Roberts

    In August of 1972, the first home television video game console was released to the public, and the industry has grown over the past 40½ years. Come reminisce as the discussion covers every video game console ever released, and what made them great or market failures. Free timelines will be handed out.

Action Figure Customizing for N00bs and Cheapskates

Presenters: Wes Dennis

    If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I had a figure of ,” prepare to stop waiting on the toy companies and literally take matters into your own hands! In this event, seasoned and uber-thrifty customizer Wes Dennis will walk you through the basics of making your own custom action figures.

Anime Wipeout

Presenters: Ben Jonas

    Contestants have a chance to win prizes galore by answering questions correctly, but watch out- one wrong answer will wipe out all your winnings. Not based on the stunt game show of the same name (it’s based on the 1988 game show).

Antibishonen presents: Mega Man Robot Master Making Madness!

Presenters: Antibishonen

    Over 9000 Robot Masters ideas were sent in. Do you have what it takes to make the most ridiculously bad Mega Man boss in the world? Prove yourself in this panel!

Ask Me Anything about Chiptunes

Presenters: Inverse Phase

    This is it! Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about old video game music, chiptunes, all things 8-bit. Come and bring all your questions, easy or hard. No questions refused!

Cherami Leigh Talks Soul Eater

Presenters: Cherami Leigh

    Enjoy a screening and Q&A session with Cherami Leigh. She’ll talk about working on the Soul Eater series and will share behind the scenes insight about the show.

Cosplay Armor and Weapons

Presenters: Fire Lily

    So, you are in need of armor and/or weapons for your costume? No problem! Join Fire Lily as she walks you through the basics of armor and weapon construction using materials such as craft foam, cardboard, paper mache, insulation foam, Paperclay, found objects, and more! Learn how to visualize your project and what materials to use to bring it life.

D.C. Douglas After Hours (21+ Only)

Presenters: D.C. Douglas

    Spend some time with D.C. Douglas after hours. This will be a fun 21+ only panel.

D.C. Douglas Talks YouTube Parodies

Presenters: D.C. Douglas

    D.C. Douglas holds a Q&A mixed with some random trivia questions (with silly prizes) and recounts the evolution of his fan service videos on YouTube. If you think you’ve seen them all, you may be surprised. From the “unofficial” Albert Wesker outtakes blooper reel to A Legion/Wesker conversation to random other videos regarding the rest of DC’s career.

Game Boy Mod Workshop

Presenters: Nikola Whallon

    Nikola Whallon shows you how to mod Game Boys.

How to be AWESOME!! (and be excellent to each other)

Presenters: Eric Rutledge, Julia Klag

    The name really says it all. A quick guide to staying positive, enjoying the con experience to the utmost, and being the kind of fan who draws others to them. Plus-giant pocky!

How to Make DubStep Beats

Presenters: DJ SUPER SONIC

    DJ SUPER SONIC Is giving a beginners tutorial on how to make dubstep beats using FL Studio.

Intro to Lolita Fashion

Presenters: Demi Jackson, Rachael Schneider

    Are you interested in the cute poofy dresses that you see around the con? All the frills, bows, and lace? Here we will discuss the Japanese Lolita Fashion and how you can acquire this wardrobe for yourself.

Libera Edge Presents: The Ultimate Dance Workshop

Presenters: Libera Edge

    Everyone can dance! From the same masterminds who brought you “The Ultimate Dance Workshop” at T-mode 2012, we bring you the newly remastered Ultimate Dance Workshop! With so many different dances out there, how do you pick just one? Come join Libera Edge in this fun-filled, friendly (and maybe slightly fanatic!) dance workshop that will cover para para, kpop/hip hop, and even some in between!

No More Excuses: Sewing 101

Presenters: Melissa Williams, Rusty Weir, Brittany Mitchelli

    Always wanted to cosplay but don’t know how to sew? no sewing machine? Well, No more excuses! Time for Hand Sewing 101. Make a rice filled hand warmers while learning how to do 6 basic stitches that will get you on your way to making your own cosplays.

Quelling the Masses: A How to in the Successful Managing of Photoshoots and Meetups

Presenters: Laura Bingham, Kevin Leach

    Have you ever had ambitions of hosting large scale events or running a photoshoot, but just didn’t know where to start? Then join us for Quelling the Masses as we discuss the ins and outs of managing groups, ranging from running small scale photo shoots to organizing groups and elaborate events.

Real or Fake: A Bootleg Trivia Challenge

Presenters: Theresa Bean, Courtney Carver

    Do you have a keen eye? Can you tell if a product is illegal or legitimate? Then come show off your knowledge at T-MODE’s Bootleg Trivia Contest.

Retro Anime and Gaming Trivia

Presenters: Stephanie Cahill

    Think you know your animes and video games from the 80s and 90s? Come test your skills with a 30-question contest! Join up into teams of 2 to 4 people. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team, so brush up on your skills–it won’t just be Mario and Pikachu appearing in this game show! Limited space: room fills up at 24 people!

Stage and Screen Combat Workshop

Presenters: Larry Reclusado, Rebecca E Davis, Dylan Hintz

    A interactive experience with local stage and screen stunt performers teaching a few techniques to audience participants.

T-MODE Hero: Alien Quiz Invasion

Presenters: Courtney Carver

    Do you think your knowledge can cover vast galaxies? When being attacked by an extraterritorial invasion would you know what weapon to take? Test your brain with this fun quiz on the different alien appearance in Anime and Video games!

The Arcade Buffett Presents Arcade Autopsy

Presenters: Michael “Buffett” Currence, Renee, T-MODE Vice Chair

    Get an inside look of the inner workings of an arcade machine.

The Art Of Retro Video Game Collecting

Presenters: Fat Chris Blucher, Bijan Bahari

    Hosted by the one and only Fat Chris owner of over 1,200 pre-1996 video games. This panel will give insight, advice, and pointers on retro video game collecting, for both beginners and veterans alike. Topics covered will include, choosing what to collect, maintaining, expanding and restoring video games in your collection. This panel focuses mainly on cartridge based collecting but disc based consoles will be touched upon.

The Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Cosplay

Presenters: Fire Lily

    Ever wondered “Why are those people dressed in costumes?” or “How can I get started in cosplay?” Join Fire Lily to take a look at the Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Cosplay. Learn about Who can cosplay, What to cosplay (and perhaps What Not), When and Where to dress up, and most importantly, Why?

Write Your Own Nintendo Music: BEGINNER LEVEL

Presenters: Inverse Phase

    Wondering how to get started writing chiptunes or “8-bit” music? Well, bring a laptop! You’ll get free software to make your own music and a personal walkthrough on how to use it. We’ll start with a tutorial, and then pick a tune from the crowd and do it together.

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