T-MODE Matsuri

Reminiscent of traditional Japanese festival games, the T-MODE Matsuri is one of our signature events. Play fun carnival games for only $2 per game. Win T-MODE T-Kets and trade them in for fantastic prizes, like anime DVD box sets, manga, Japanese snacks, t-shirts and more!

Daruma Otoshi

NEW! This Japanese game requires fast reflexes and a good eye. Use a small hammer to knock out the five pieces of the Daruma doll without causing the doll to topple over. But be careful! The balance of the doll is not the only thing to worry about. You’re also battling against the clock.

Duck Pond

A game of chance, Duck Pond is a fun way to test your luck. See if fortune is on your side as you try to find the winning marked duck within three attempts.

Feed the Oni

Oni! Oni! Oni in the Otaku Bazaar! And boy is he hungry. Help satisfy his enormous appetite by feeding him bean bags and keep him from going on a rampage.


NEW! Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese game similar to badminton without a net. Taking the decorated wooden paddle called hagoita, try to hit the colorful shuttlecock called hane to land inside a basket.

Kingyo Sukui

A traditional Japanese game started in the Edo period. Kingyo Sukui, or goldfish scooping, is very simple to play. Or is it? It is trickier than it seems. Armed with just a paper scoop and bowl, how many fish can you gather before your paddle breaks?


Wanage is a traditional Japanese ring toss game. Show off your moves as you toss rope rings onto the pole of the wooden stand.

Yo-yo Tsuri

Yo-yo Tsuri, a game with an easy concept: show off your skill and dexterity by fishing a yo-yo balloon out of a pool of water with just a line and hook. You better hurry, time is not on your side.

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