Do you love Dragon Ball Z? Do you have a secret wish to become a Z Fighter? Do you have amazing skills you wish to demonstrate? Then come compete in our weekend long epic tournament. The winner will become immortalized in T-MODE history as the 1st ever T-MODE Hero.

Now, future Hero, you’re asking yourself, “How do I become the legendary hero of T-MODE awesomeness?” Well my friend, it’s simple. Participate in a series of tasks concocted by the devious minds of the T-MODE staff. Earn a point for each trial that you complete. The more tasks you complete, the more points you get.

Try to gain more points than your fellow challengers to win. After completing your journey, head to the feedback panel at the end of the convention. There, the Eternal Dragon will bestow upon the victor prizes and the illustrious title of T-MODE HERO!


Earn as many points as you can by participating in all of the challenges!

  • Trial 1

    Can you eat like a Saiyan?
    Prove you have an iron stomach. Participate in the ramen eating competition held during opening ceremonies.

  • Trial 2

    Do you have the reflexes of a Z Fighter?
    Test your skills of vintage games by competing in an arcade tournament.

  • Trial 3

    How brave are you?
    Show everyone your courage by participating in the T-MODE Cosplay Variety Show.

  • Trial 4

    Can you withstand the tortures inflicted by your opponents?
    Demonstrate your endurance by sitting through a bad anime screening session.

  • Trial 5

    Are you cunning enough to defeat your foes?
    Prove your knowledge at the Dragon Ball Trivia challenge.

  • Trial 6

    Can you adapt to your enemy’s fighting style?
    To win a battle, one must understand their opponent. Show your understanding of the most evil team in Dragon Ball Z history, the Ginyu Force. Strike the best Ginyu Force pose you can in T-MODE’s Photo Suite.


You can gain bonus points by participating in these events!

  • Enter the T-MODE Scavenger Hunt
  • Play T-MODE Matsuri games

There can be only ONE T-MODE Hero. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined in a final challenge round befitting a true DBZ warrior – Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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