LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. Everyone at the game comes in character. For the duration of the game, you dress, speak, act and live the part. There’s no script. You improvise all your lines.

You’ve got an agenda for the game – a list of things that you must accomplish. Some tasks are easy, some things are hard. Some players may be working towards the same goals as you, while others may be working against you.

Games can be small with only a few characters, they can be large with upwards of sixty or seventy players, or they can be huge. Games can last a few minutes, several hours, an entire weekend or even longer, played in several sessions. A good LARP can be an amazing experience and incredibly fun to play.

LARP Games

  • T-Cell

  • Unlimited Players

    Created for T-MODE, this larp will be running through out the convention. Cyborgs vs Zombies vs Werewolves. Only one can survive. Do your best to devour the hapless and infect people to your side.

  • Millennium City Mayhem

  • 8-35 Players | By Champions Live Action

    Millennium City is in trouble. Villains, Heroes and those in between are trapped in the thrall of The Dread and Terrible Sub-Galactic Emperor. Many heroes are changed, missing or worse. It is up to you to save the city, conquer it, or doom mankind.

    New players are encouraged and welcome. Make your character on site or use a pregen. Also, players of Champions the RPG and Champions Online may bring their characters to be translated into the Live Action System. Costumes are a plus! (All Ages)

  • Freeblades

  • 5-40 Players

    Bring your team, or join one on at the convention. Up to eight teams of five players each will take part in a tense, vicious tournament of strategy and guts! Each team consists of a Captain and five heroes. Randomly allocated rounds will be run by normal Freeblades Skirmish rules, with one side representing The Knights of Haradel and the other side representing The Grular Horde. A team wins by decimating the other side!

    The battlefield will be randomly set with full-scale scenery for each round, and actual line-of-sight will be used for each decision. The Captain must lead his team to fight cooperatively and intelligently every step of the way.

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