T-MODE Birthday Party

Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez of Interrobang Studios, a set of local webcomics creators, gladly invite you to a two hour birthday party event! T-MODE falls in April with Sarah’s and Kevin’s birthday. Even more exciting, we discovered a ton of OTHER April birthdays! This is also T-MODE’s 7th year. So join us for an April Anime Birthday Bash!

T-MODE Birthday Party

Kevin and Sarah have plotted a twist on the traditional children’s birthday party full of variants on goofy games that most folks haven’t played since they were six. There will be OODLES of prizes and loads of cakes.

Party Games

Every convention attendee is welcome. We’ll match folks up in teams of 4 and play for prizes around a room of game stations! Each event will have a winning team, and prizes will also be awarded for the top three teams over all.

  • Old Queen Beryl
    A blend of memory and old maid, played on a massive card grid! When the music stops, we’ll tally up your matches. Do you get big prize points or did you lose it all courtesy of kooky old Queen Beryl?
  • Making Manga
    Kevin and Sarah will pull together some manga pages that have been cut into pieces! Assemble as many pages as you can before the time runs out for maximum points.
  • Pin The Mascot
    Match each mascot to the appropriate main character and pin it as close to the center of the targets as possible. The trick is that we’re going to do it blindfolded. In teams. With a time-limit.
  • Title Quest
    Put away your laptops and your cell phones. Party guests won’t get a life line call. Each team member will get a letter—draft the longest list you can of manga, anime, or character names you can think of and we’ll total up your team’s brain power to pick a winning team!
  • Chop Stick Champions
    No list of party games is complete without a relay race! No running for this one though—just pass your pellets down your line of team mates as fast as you can using nothing be chopsticks! We’ll see who’s got the fastest fingers in the west.
  • Character Pong
    Sink your ping pong balls into as many character cups as you can hit in the time limit, but don’t overwhelm your ball-return catcher! Your team will lose points for balls on the floor.
  • Yo-Ho and (Party) Blow(er) the Men Down
    Avast! It’s a race to toot your party blowers and push as many paper characters across the table as you can in the time limit. Extra points for moving entire character sets across the line!
  • Mangaka Madness
    Break out your artistic side, because we’re doing pictionary with an Anime Twist. Get your team to guess as many pictures as possible, with points awarded based on difficulty!

When the dust has settled and the prizes are all awarded, we’ll sing a non-traditional birthday song and snarf some cake! Just in time to spoil your dinner and sugar you up for the rest of the night.

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