T-MODE Matsuri

Reminiscent of traditional Japanese festival games, the T-MODE Matsuri is one of our signature events. Play fun carnival games for only $2 per game. Win T-MODE T-Kets and trade them in for fantastic prizes, like anime DVD box sets, manga, Japanese snacks, t-shirts and more!

T-MODE Matsuri Kingyo Sukui

Kingyo Sukui

A traditional Japanese game started in the Edo period. Kingyo Sukui, or goldfish scooping, is very simple to play. Or is it? It is trickier than it seems. Armed with just a paper scoop and bowl, how many fish can you gather before your paddle breaks?

T-MODE Matsuri Duck Pond

Duck Pond

A game of chance, Duck Pond is a fun way to test your luck. See if fortune is on your side as you try to find the winning marked duck within three attempts.

T-MODE Matsuri Yo-yo Tsuri

Yo-yo Tsuri

Yo-yo Tsuri is a game with an easy concept: show off your skill and dexterity by fishing a yo-yo balloon out of a pool of water with just a line and hook. You better hurry, time is not on your side.

T-MODE Matsuri Feed the Oni

Feed the Oni

Oni! Oni! Oni in the T-MODE Matsuri! And boy is he hungry. Help satisfy his enormous appetite by feeding him bean bag animals and keep him from going on a rampage.

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