T-MODE 2015 :: April 3-5, 2015 :: Hilton Rockville :: Rockville, MD


Here’s an overview of the many fun activities you can enjoy at T-MODE, including several new events for 2013.

If you have any comments or questions about any of T-MODE’s events, or would like to suggest event ideas, please contact our Events Director.

T-MODE Events Schedule

T-MODE Schedule

Here is a preliminary schedule for T-MODE 2013. The schedule is subject to change.
T-MODE 2013 Schedule (PDF)

Attendee Events

Events brought to you by fellow T-MODE attendees.


    Want to host your own Attendee Event at T-MODE? Continue reading for details. Share your knowledge, talent and passions with other T-MODE attendees.

    Confirmed Panels

    See the panels and workshops appearing at T-MODE.


The much beloved art of ‘costume play’ and our events related to it.

    Photo Suite

    Strike a pose! A professional photographer will capture your cosplay in a special souvenir photo.

    Variety Show

    This is our version of a masquerade, and it has become one of T-MODE’s signature events. The show includes a mini-concert, fashion show, cosplay skits and more. The Cosplay Registration Form will be posted soon.


On a TV or on a table top, doesn’t matter how you get your game on. T-MODE has you covered.


    Like the video arcades of yore! Test your skills on classic machines while battling to achieve the high score. Attendees also get to help select an arcade game to appear at T-MODE.

    Gamers Lounge

    Kick back and relax in T-MODE’s video game room. The Gamers Lounge is where you can play the latest video game titles, blow the dust off your old favorites, and compete in exciting video game tournaments.

    Indie Game Lab

    The Indie Game Lab is where independent game developers showcase their games. Developers get direct feedback about their project while attendees get exposed to great new games.

    Tabletop Gaming

    Gaming as Gary Gygax intended, with a group of friends around a table arguing over Monty Python quotes. Board games, RPGs, minis, CCGs, and more for you to play. Bring your own or learn to play something new.


Don’t just watch the event, be a part of the action.

    Birthday Party

    Kevin Bolk and Sarah Martinez of Interrobang Studios, a set of local webcomics creators, gladly invite you to a two-hour party event on Saturday! T-MODE always falls between either Sarah’s or Kevin’s birthday. This is also T-MODE’s sixth year. Even more exciting, when we ran this party last year, we discovered a ton of OTHER April birthdays! So join us for an April Anime Birthday Bash!

    Janken Wars

    Team up with friends or be on your own in the ultimate “battle” of conventions, Janken style! “Battle” and participate in other events to win crytsals. Battles are won or lost by Jan- Ken- Pon (Rock-Paper-Scissors). The person/team with the most crystals by the end of the convention gains the title of Janken Champion and a whole year of bragging rights.


    Live Action Role Playing at T-MODE! Have fun roleplaying as different characters throughout the weekend. We’ll have a variety of games for you to choose from and play.

    T-MODE Hero

    T-MODE needs a hero. Will it be you? Complete all the quests and prove you have what it takes to be the champion of champions.

    T-MODE Pyramid

    NEW! T-MODE Pyramid is an interactive guessing game with Special Guests and fabulous prizes. Guess your way to the top of the pyramid for the chance to win a prize worth ¥25,000! Contestant tryouts will be held right before the event.


If you’re a music lover, you’ll enjoy our music events. A T-MODE specialty is our concert series.


    We’re bringing you bands you’ve heard of before and some that you haven’t, but all of them will have great music and know how to put on a show.


    Dance the night away at our Anime and Gaming Dances with some of the hottest DJs around.

    DJ Warz

    Think your beats are the best? Then put them to the test! T-MODE unveils DJ Warz, the tournament of competitive DJing. DJ Warz allows you to battle against other fellow DJs and to compete for fabulous prizes. The crowd masses decide who has the best sounds around.

    T-MODE Mixtape

    NEW! Always looking to push the envelope, T-MODE unveils another new music event for your listening pleasure. Introducing T-MODE Mixtape! An event that showcases talented and emerging music acts. Get introduced to new bands and explore different genres of anime and gaming music.

Otaku Passport

The Otaku Passport unleashes an extra level of special VIP events and bonuses, like the popular VIP Brunch with our guests.

    Passport Events

    Membership has it privileges. These VIP events are only available to Otaku Passport members and capacity is limited. If you would like to enjoy the Otaku Passport experience at T-MODE, get your Otaku Passport today. Continue reading for more details.

T-MODE Matsuri

Reminiscent of traditional Japanese festival games.

    Matsuri Games

    T-MODE Matsuri games are only $2 per game to play. Win T-MODE T-Kets for playing games and trade them in for fantastic prizes, like anime DVD box sets, manga, Japanese snacks, t-shirts and more!


A place to see the best in video game cinema and anime.

    AMV Contest/Screening

    The AMV Contest is your chance to see your favorite anime and video games shown in a truly unique artform – the fan made music video.

    T-MODE Theater

    The T-MODE Theater is where you can view the classics and newer titles from the world of video game media and anime. You will also hear commentary from voice actors, as well as scholars’ thoughts on various works. Oh, and did we mention that we’ll have popcorn for sale in our theater room? What better way to help recreate a real moviegoing experience? It’s the little things, people. The little things.