Here’s an overview of the many fun activities and attractions you can enjoy at T-MODE. If you have comments or questions about any T-MODE event, or would like to suggest event ideas, please contact our Events Director.

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 icon-trophy  Cosplay — Our events related to the much beloved art of ‘costume play’

 icon-gamepad  Gaming — On a TV or a table top, get your game on at T-MODE

 icon-user  Interactive — Don’t just watch an event, be part of the action

 icon-music  Music — Enjoy live concerts, dances and DJ battles

 icon-microphone  Panels — Apply to host a panel or workshop at T-MODE

 icon-magic  Passport — These exclusive VIP events are only available to Otaku Passport members

 icon-leaf  T-MODE Matsuri — Play fun carnival games reminiscent of traditional Japanese festivals

 icon-film  Video — See the best in anime and video game cinema. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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