T-MODE 2015 :: April 3-5, 2015 :: Hilton Rockville :: Rockville, MD

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Here are a few important rules, guidelines, and other information you should know when registering for T-MODE. If you can’t find an answer to your registration or membership question here, please check our FAQs first, then contact T-MODE’s registration team.

Please note that T-MODE reserves the right to adjust our policies as deemed necessary at any time, including during the convention.

Membership Badges

More information regarding pre-registration pickup and at-door registration hours and locations will be announced closer to the convention. In the meantime, a few important things you’ll want to know:

  • Membership badges will not be mailed.
    You will receive your badge and other convention goodies upon check in at T-MODE registration.

  • You do not need your receipt email to pick up your badge.
    After purchasing your membership online, you will receive a PayPal email receipt from EndGame Entertainment. Your name is then added to our pre-registration list once your payment has processed, so it’s not necessary to bring your receipt with you.

  • You will need a government-issued photo ID.
    Whether you’re pre-registered or registering at-door, all members will need to present a government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, military ID, etc.) before receiving a badge. This ID must include your name and date of birth. If you appear under 14 and cannot present proof of age, you may be issued a special badge and be required to have an adult accompany you.

    For pre-registered members, the name on your ID must match the name that was pre-registered. If your name changes after you pre-register, please contact the registration team before the convention to let them know.

  • Your badge must be worn at all times.
    Your membership badge proudly identifies you as a T-MODE attendee, so it must be worn and clearly visible in order to gain access into the convention area and events. We’ll have badge checkers stationed throughout the convention. But why wouldn’t you wear your badge? It’s awesome!

  • If you lose your badge, you’ll have to purchase a replacement at full price.
    This may seem harsh, but this policy is meant to avoid badges getting “lost” to friends and then being replaced at heavily discounted rates. Plus, T-MODE has really cool badges that make great souvenirs, and that you’d want to keep and wear forever and ever. So don’t lose it!

Refunds & Rollovers

T-MODE understands that plans change and that you may no longer be able to attend. At the same time, pre-registration numbers help with ordering membership materials, so providing refunds to last-minute cancellations and no-shows makes the convention more expensive for everyone. Hoping to reach a happy medium, we’ve come up with a fairly generous policy to help accommodate pre-registered members whose plans change.

  • You may request a full refund by February 1, 2015.
    If you find that you’re unable to attend T-MODE by that date, email registration@tmode.org with your name and put “T-MODE Registration Refund” in the subject line. We’ll work with you to get your membership fee refunded.

  • You may request a membership rollover by March 1, 2015.
    Email registration@tmode.org with your name and a subject line of “T-MODE Registration Rollover,” and we’ll push your membership over to the following year. Please note that a membership can only be rolled over once. In the highly unlikely event that T-MODE were not to happen, or if the convention moved more than 30 miles away from the Washington, DC area, rolled-over memberships will be refunded at their original purchase price.

  • You may transfer your membership by March 1, 2015.
    If you can’t attend, but would like a friend to take your place, email registration@tmode.org with your name, the other person’s name/address/email, and a subject line of “T-MODE Registration Transfer.” We’ll walk you through the transfer process.

  • No refunds, rollovers, or transfers at or after the convention.
    Because T-MODE purchases membership materials in advance, any requests received after February 1, 2015 for refunds and after March 1, 2015 for rollovers or transfers will not be honored.

  • No refunds or rollovers for any level of Otaku Passport membership.
    Due to the limited quantities of Otaku Passport, Otaku Passport Plus and Otaku Passport Premier memberships, they are not eligible for refund or rollover. They may be transferred if the request is received by the transfer deadline date.

Under-18 Members

Anime, gaming, and Japanese culture fans of all ages are welcome to attend T-MODE. To ensure a happy and lawsuit-free experience for all of our members, T-MODE does have a few rules pertaining to those under the age of 18.

  • Parental permission is required.
    Those attending T-MODE who are under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the following permission form and present it when picking up their membership materials at the convention. The parent or guardian need not be present at the convention unless the member is under the age of 14.
    T-MODE Consent Form (PDF)

  • Members under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    This policy is mainly to prevent parents from depositing their kids at the convention for the weekend and running off. The good news is that each member under 14 who pre-registers can also receive a free badge-only membership of the same duration (i.e. one-day, three-day) for a parent or legal guardian! These badges do not come with any other membership materials; they just get you in the door.

    Parents and guardians, after pre-registering your under-14 child, please email registration@tmode.org with your child’s name, your name, and a subject line of “T-MODE Accompanying Parent/Guardian” and we’ll walk you through the process. Members under 14 will be given a badge identifying them as such; those found unaccompanied will be asked to leave the convention.

  • Some events are 13+ suggested.
    Certain events may be marked in the T-MODE Program Book as being “13+”. Proof of age is not required to attend these events, and those 13 and under are welcome to attend (with their accompanying adults, of course). The content of such events may be intended for more mature teenage audiences.

  • Some events are 18+ restricted.
    These events are marked as such in the T-MODE Program Book. All members will need to show proof of age to obtain an 18+ event wrist band from the staff prior to admission to any such event. If you are under 18, you will not be allowed into these events.

  • Your convention experience may vary.
    We can’t stop event hosts from dropping the F-bomb at an all-ages panel, nor will we tell the scantily clad catgirl in the hall to put more clothes on (unless her kibbles and bits are showing). T-MODE’s security staff does not tolerate illegal, lewd, or excessively inappropriate behavior, but we can’t monitor every attendee every second of the day. If you’re worried about your children being exposed to something like this, please accompany them every step of the way.

  • Otaku Passports, Otaku Passport Plus and Otaku Passport Premier are 18+ only.
    Sorry kids, but the Otaku Passport experiences are reserved for our grown-up crowd.

Notice of Promotional Use

T-MODE may photograph and video record you for promotional purposes. You’ll likely show up in lots of convention photos and videos anyway, but we just need to put this here so you know that your image may be used to help promote future T-MODE events. Now here’s the legalese:

  • You will be entering an area where photography, video and audio recording may occur.
    By entering the event premises and/or your participation in this event, you are consenting to the use of your photograph, likeness or video or audio recording in whole or in part without restriction or limitation.

    Video footage of the convention and attendees is gathered by staff members, including public areas, events, and panels, and may be used in marketing endeavors or other media use. Acceptance of a T-MODE membership constitutes consent to be photographed, filmed, or recorded by T-MODE staff, approved industry, or media during T-MODE without compensation to you.

    Your acceptance of a membership and attendance at any T-MODE event, including the convention, constitutes a grant of rights to T-MODE to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise use any footage that it affixes in any media and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including on the internet, broadcast, satellite and other transmissions.

Last modified May 1, 2014