T-MODE 2015 :: April 3-5, 2015 :: Hilton Rockville :: Rockville, MD

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T-MODE is a members only event, but anyone can become a member by registering! Both Pre-Registration and At-Door memberships are available, and those who pre-register can choose from a number of options to create a customized convention experience.

Please review T-MODE’s registration and attendance policies before registering. It’s mostly common sense stuff, but there’s important information regarding T-MODE’s under-18 attendees, badges, refunds and rollovers, and a few other things.


There are several types of T-MODE memberships available. They range from budget-minded yet fun-packed regular admissions to premium deluxe experiences, and all of them grant you access to T-MODE 2013. For details about each membership, please select a badge below. The deadline to pre-register for all memberships is April 1, 2013.

T-MODE 3-Day Membership

T-MODE 3-Day Membership – $50

Enjoy all three days of T-MODE and lots of extra benefits for one low price! Pre-register and save up to $15 off the at-door rate.
$40 until Dec 16 | $45 until Feb 17 | $50 until April 1

T-MODE Otaku Passport

T-MODE Otaku Passport – $75

For the fan looking for a unique convention experience, the Otaku Passport is the gateway to once-in-a-lifetime events and more.

T-MODE Otaku Passport Plus

T-MODE Otaku Passport Plus – $125

Looking to take your Passport experience to the next level? Add even more to your T-MODE with this membership option.

T-MODE Otaku Passport Premier

T-MODE Otaku Passport Premier – $175

If T-MODE could gold-plate and diamond-encrust the Premier badge, it would. Only five of these super-charged Passports will be sold!


Otaku Passports

The ultimate in convention experiences at T-MODE! The Otaku Passport unleashes an extra level of special events and other bonuses for a limited number of members. The Vice Chairman personally hand-selects the bonus swag that will end up in the Passport membership packets, and you can expect that each level of Otaku Passport will have its own unique extras to go with it.

One extra that is common to all of the Otaku Passport levels are the VIP Events. These events will be open only to Otaku Passport holders, and each event will have a limited capacity. After registering as an Otaku Passport member, you’ll be contacted to choose your VIP event(s) (1-3, depending on your Passport level). The VIP events themselves are still being planned, and new ones may be added from time to time. We’ll let you change to new VIP events after they’re announced. For now, here are some of the possible activities T-MODE is considering for VIP event experiences:

  • Private Guest dinners
  • Invitation-only game tournaments
  • Shopping excursions and tours of the Washington, DC area
  • Guaranteed contestantship on one of T-MODE’s game shows

All Otaku Passport members are invited to the annual T-MODE VIP Brunch. If you’re a returning Passport holder, you know just how exciting, fun, and tasty this event is. If you’re thinking about registering for an Otaku Passport and you’d like to recommend a VIP event for T-MODE to consider, please contact our Events Director and we’ll try to make it happen.

Note: Otaku Passport memberships are restricted to attendees 18 or older.

At-Door Registration

If you’re not sure you can attend T-MODE, and our generous refund and rollover policies aren’t enough to reassure you, then you also have the option of registering for membership at the convention. You may prefer this route if you’re planning to attend for just one or two days.

T-MODE 1-Day Membership

T-MODE 1-Day Membership – $35

Perfect for the curious or if you’re attending T-MODE for one day. Whether you decide to attend Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it’s up to you. But we made it easy with one no-hassle flat rate!

T-MODE 3-Day Membership

T-MODE 3-Day Membership – $55

This is the at-door rate of our standard 3-Day Membership. Enjoy T-MODE awesomeness for the entire weekend.

New for T-MODE 2013! We can now accept both cash and credit card payments for at-door registration. One-day memberships are strictly an at-door membership offering. They will not be sold prior to the convention, and are valid only for the day they are issued. Sorry, Otaku Passport memberships will not be available at the door.

Membership Options

Confused by all the different memberships available? Use this handy-dandy chart to help you decide which T-MODE experience is right for you!

  Membership Type
3-Day Membership Otaku Passport Passport Plus Passport Premier 1-Day Membership
Days of Admission 3 days 3 days 3 days 3 days 1 day
Available At-Door      
Program Book full color full color full color
Member Badge †† †† ††
T-MODE Matsuri 2 T-Kets 4 T-Kets 8 T-Kets 10 T-Kets 2 T-Kets
  1 2 3  
Passport Bonuses    
Crazy extras & surprises

†† Otaku Passport members receive a Passport-exclusive badge design.

Those attending T-MODE who are under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the following consent form. The form must be presented when picking up membership materials at the convention. The parent or guardian need not be present at the convention unless the member is under the age of 14. Read more about T-MODE’s under-18 policies.