T-MODE 2015 :: April 3-5, 2015 :: Hilton Rockville :: Rockville, MD

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Renee, Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Sharvonique Renee Fortune


Melissa, Cosplay Events Director

Cosplay Events Director

Melissa Williams

Adam, Gaming Events Director

Gaming Events Director

Adam Mendelevitz

Theresa, Matsuri Events Director

Matsuri Events Director

Theresa Bean

Jenn, Music Events Director

Music Events Director

Jenn Lawson

Wanted - Join T-MODE Staff

Panel Events Director

APPLY – Organize panels and workshops

Jeremy, Video Events Guru

Video Events Guru

Jeremy Soria


Penny, Bazaar Sultan

Bazaar Sultan

Penny “Moon Mama” Weir

Jasmin, Craft Services

Craft Services

Jasmin “Mina Alexis” Stuckey

Wanted - Join T-MODE Staff

Hotel Liaison (On-Site)

APPLY – Manages on-site hotel matters

Chidi, Registration Director

Registration Director

Chidi Onyeador

Cory, Safety Chief

Safety Chief

Cory Cuthbertson

Emmanuel, Volunteer Corps Commander

Volunteer Corps Commander

Emmanuel Matias

Wanted - Join T-MODE Staff


APPLY – Maintain the T-MODE website


Courtney, Blog & Twitter

Social Media Director

Courtney Carver

Wanted - Join T-MODE Staff

Graphic Artist

APPLY – Create promotional materials

Wanted - Join T-MODE Staff

Marketing Director

APPLY – Promote T-MODE

Wanted - Join T-MODE Staff

Sponsorship Wrangler

APPLY – Secure convention sponsors